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Monday, May 16, 2011

Yummies for Monday

Last week when Blogger flubbed their maintenance update, they lost all comments to my most recent two posts. Boo. This weekend I had a maintenance update too - scheduled a haircut, had my teeth cleaned, got my eyebrows waxed [gotta love being a girl!] and decided it's time for a mani/pedi - only about my third ever!
These lovelies caught my eye over the weekend...so much yummy goodness.  

Individual portions of cake! In reusable jars! 

Strawberry shortcake popsicles - seriously it's just pureed strawberries and yogurt mixed with Nilla wafers. A spring treat that's practically guilt-free. I must make these soon!

And for an indulgent treat - creme brulee french toast. Decadent.

Bet you didn't think you'd ever see easy, chocolate, and guilt-free in the same sentence, did you?

Do you ever take a day to catch up with yourself, whether it's health or beauty or simply rest?
If the magic dessert fairy appeared and granted you one treat right now, what would you request?

1 comment:

  1. Next time you come over for girls night, we must have the strawberry shortcake popsicles. Practically guilt-free and fresh berries for the win!

    And the chocolate pudding, LOL!

    I haven't taken a me (beauty) day in forever. Ugh!

    Chocolate mousse with dark chocolate shavings and fresh wipped cream.