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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perpetual calendar.

I never kept a diary. I was always afraid my mother might question me or my sister might snitch.

When I started college, I created a journal online which allowed me to keep in touch with friends, find strangers with common interests and document important moment.

Oftentimes though, I want to record memorable goings-on, but simply don't make or take the time to sit down and describe.

There are also occasions where I take a curious look at what I was doing On This Date 3, 5, or even 8 years ago. For instance, my wedding day. - scrolling through my journal's archives, it was lovely to see what I was experiencing on the same day in the past. Or recording celebrations into a new year - how fun to see how my idea of 'fun' has changed over the years!

I recently came across a very easy DIY project that tackles both of these issues.

This pretty vintage postcard calendar journal was posted on Design*Sponge last winter, and a friend linked me to it last week, thinking it would be something I'd enjoy.

At first I thought I ought to wait to start this on January 1, but I know myself. I'd never remember by then! Instead, on May 1, I immediately set to work with a trip to an office supply store for index cards, rummaging through my collection of pretty stationery, and re-purposing a perfectly-sized gift box. Now I'm all set for one-lined memories.

Do you keep a journal/scrapbook/diary? Are you more likely to record the good or the bad - why do you think that's the case?


  1. Oh my gosh this is awesome! I just might have to look into this! Easy and cute, and not too hard for me to make!

  2. This is a note from your sister! Just FYI I would not snitch if you had a journal in high school... Unless it was really juicy ;) But, honestly I have never been good at keeping journals. I'm the type that would buy a thousand of them and only write one page each.

    It would be nice to record all of life's good moments and memories. It seems like I only write when I am confused, sad, or during a time of transition. Hence, why the journals never go anywhere...because before you know it- you're in a better place! I really like this postcard diary idea. Not to mention that blogging seems to be by far the most innovative way to express yourself creatively in this generation.