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Friday, May 20, 2011

I baked! A cake!

I like sweets. Sweet tooth? I have sweet jaws.
I need reasons to share them, else there's much too much for just the two of us.Though I've never been too good at sharing.
The ingredients were already on hand, so of course I volunteered to bake a cake for the baby shower happening today at work!

Yes it's from a box and a can. Don't judge; it's delicious!
Actually, you know what? Judge all you want; it's still delicious.

You really don't need much to bake a cake from a box mix.
The recipe calls for three eggs, but I needed four.

Because it's impossible for me to bake without some kind of accident.
Do you not recall me mentioning that I burned my wrist handling the raspberry almond bread last week?
That is now a scab which I guarantee will become a scar.
Anyway, at least the dog wasn't home when I tumbled an egg!

It took more time to clean up the shattered egg than it did to make the cake.
The above photo shows my favorite part about baking. Licking the beaters and the bowl!
Screw salmonella! I've had close to 30 years experience with cookie dough and cake batter and [knocks on my MDF coffee table] no issues yet!

I include this just to show my husband proof that there's plenty you can do when you have some down time. For instance, I scrubbed down the entire bathroom while waiting for the cake to cool.

Pink cake! Rainbow chip frosting!

And here's my second favorite part about making cakes - eating the last bits of frosting that somehow didn't make it on to the cake.

All done! The nice thing about using rainbow chip frosting [other than it being the best!] is that nobody expects your cake to be perfectly smooth - or perfectly level for that matter!

I'm counting down the hours til the baby shower at lunch time. I'm sure other yummy foods will be plated and presented for indulging - but I just want a piece of my own cake!


  1. Whyyyyy do you do this to me? I can totally go for cake now! :) Have fun at the baby shower and with all those sweets!

  2. I always bake my cakes from box mixes! They are the best!! Yours looks sooo yummy, I have never made that flavor before, I should try it!

  3. Your cake was sooo good. Thanks so much for baking it. I hope you have more reasons to bake in the near future.

  4. my trick for canned frosting? add a tsp of vanilla, adds a richness that canned just doesn't have.

    Where did you get the awesome bathroom organizer thingie. I totally want to pin it.

  5. @SarahBeth, it's the Stash by Boon. I loooove it.