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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Odd, silly things that I seem to enjoy more than most:

1. Getting the mail - even if it only contains bills and ads

2. Starting a new book - last night I breezed through the first half of Between Here and April and can't wait to pick it up again!

3. Doggy kisses on my way in the door after work

4. Grocery shopping - despite being such a picky eater, I get a very strange sense of pleasure from this errand

5. Finding the perfect shade of lipstick  - I'm really not girly, but once I discovered my shade had been discontinued, I called every Sephora in southern California and had them ship me any stock they had on hand.

6. Clean sheets - especially after a long shower [and we'll just pretend my bedroom remotely resembles this lovely one found on Pinterest]. I think my husband would list this as his #1 if he were to make a similar list. On laundry day, he races into the bed with a grin like he's just been told his student loans have disappeared.

What are some of the tiny, likely insignificant items or actions that make you smile?


  1. Seeing the buds on trees in the spring. You'd think it was Christmas. The same goes for the first violets appearing in my lawn.

  2. Clean sheets, freshly mopped kitchen floor so I can slide around in my socks, Karma kisses when I get home, Karma snuggles when she wants a belly rub, listening to Chris and Karma breathing deeply in unison as they sleep, making chicken piccatta, a freshly washed and waxed car, and finding a "steal" at Goodwill or Salvation Army and getting compliments on it.

  3. Grocery shopping (especially with Ben), having Wilson cuddle super close to me on the couch while I work or curl in a ball on my legs and make satisfied sigh noises, definitely getting the mail (I always get it because Ben knows I love it, haha), visiting farmer's markets, and going to the Grove, haha :)