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Friday, July 1, 2011

Saturday plans

I'm looking forward to a lovely Saturday - first day of a three-day holiday weekend!

I want to change things up a bit from the usual and treat myself to a 'Me Day'.
A day full of things just for me.

Fun things.
Relaxing things.
Perhaps even a few roductive things - but only those that I'd enjoy.

Here are a few of my intentions:

Four-ingredient cookies from TidyMom [if you can count a box of cake mix as a single ingredient!]. They are calling my name and I *must* try them!

A picnic in the park with a good book and my clever dog, Buttercup.

I have quite a selection of books to choose from - and these are just the ones i've recently borrowed from the local library! Let's not discuss the entire 'to-read' shelf of my bookcase.

We'll just pretend my bathroom is this beautiful. I'm loving trough sinks lately! Anyway, I'm planning to scrub my bathtub tomorrow. Lame and entirely NOT fun, right? However, once completed, this means I can indulge in bubble baths!

I also need to go grocery shopping - but that's actually one of my favorite 'grown-up' things to do! I follow my list to the letter [and use my coupons!], but I really enjoy strolling the aisles and comparing five varieties of orange juice, three slightly different raspberry jams, twelve assortments of crackers, etc.

And finally, I'll spend a good-sized portion of the day lounging. Pretending my living room looked 10% as fabulous as any of these I've recently come across on Pinterest:

What are your Saturday plans? Read any good books lately?

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  1. Trough sinks are gorgeous. I need one in the kitchen...