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Sunday, June 19, 2011

30 Before 30

I like lists. Writing something down on a list makes it far more likely that the task will actually be accomplished.

Recently, it's come to my attention that I need to have more fun. As ridiculous as it sounds to compile a list of fun things I'd like to do...having them written and published means I may actually get around to having some [apparently much-needed] fun!

My weekend project was to finally sit down and create my list of 30 things to do before turning 30. I've been wanting to make this sort of list for years. So here it is! I've got a bit more than 24 months to tackle the list.

30 Before 30 [in no particular order]:

  1. Plant a flower garden
  2. Ride in a hot-air balloon
  3. Have breakfast in bed
  4. Spontaneous/surprise trip with my husband
  5. Get all dressed up and go to a diner
  6. Run an 8-minute mile
  7. Go away for a girls-only weekend
  8. Do nice surprise things for friends
  9. Find the perfect perfume
  10. Make my mom’s cheesecake
  11. Order room service in a fancy hotel
  12. Cook a multi-course meal for guests
  13. Volunteer with my husband, abroad would be awesome
  14. A second vacation with my sister
  15. Create an art project and display it in my home
  16. Make good cookies from scratch
  17. Get a pedicure
  18. Fun photography session
  19. Increase the 'house' fund and the 'retirement' fund
  20. Actually have a hairstyle
  21. Tropical vacation
  22. Make a $1,000 donation to a single charity
  23. Throw a wedding anniversary party for us
  24. Look good in a bikini
  25. Buy/send myself flowers
  26. Keep a potted plant alive for longer than a month
  27. Read a book and take a nap in a hammock
  28. Try 10 new foods
  29. Build something
  30. Take myself on a mini-vacation
Do/did you have such a list  - 20 Before 20, 40 Before 40, a Bucket List, a secret tucked-away list of dreams? Please share!


  1. I love your goals, especially those to read a book and take a nap in a hammock (BLISS!) and having a fun photography session. :) These seem a lot more attainable than a few things on my own list. I hope you're able to finish everything on here, these are great!

  2. I like this list! I love that most things on here can be done in small amounts of time or combined - eg: cook a multi-course meal for friends with cheesecake for dessert, suprise friends with home-made cookies, plant a flower garden in pots, girls only weekend with room service, etc.

  3. You. Are. Awesome!